Desert Wheatear & Black Redstarts

Desert Wheatear (1w male), North Links, Lowestoft
I left for work early today just so I could try my luck for the male Desert Wheatear at Lowestoft. Things didn't look good as I left Kings Lynn, rain & wind tried their best to put me off.
Things were even worse at the North Links car park! the rain was horizontal and the wind very strong. Too bad for a suit! I watched the sea for a while and had one Little Auk whizzing off to the North, one Bonxie and several small skeins of Dark-bellied Brent Geese.
Eventually the rain eased to just a drizzle and I headed off to look for the Desert Wheatear. There were several people in cars but no one on the promenade looking. I had gone 50 yards and found it, looking very bedraggled, sitting on the sea wall.
It tended to feed and shelter in the undercut below the sea wall. Sometimes being completely out of sight. However, it was confiding and at one point walked below me, no more than 5 feet away. Cracking bird.
Desert Wheatear, Lowestoft
Black Redstart, male, Ness Point, Lowestoft
Black Redstart, female, Ness Point, Lowestoft