Sri Lankan Insects

Longhorn Beetle Coptops leucotistica (?)
Please accept my apologies for the delay of this post. Lots of things happening.
Lepidoptera were well represented in Sri Lanka and I keep kicking myself for not getting photographs of some of the amazing endemics such as Sri Lanka Birdwing and Blue Mormon.
Common Mormon

Common Tiger

Glassy Tiger
Tropic Dart

Medus Brown

Indian Cupid

Grey Pansy
Amata passalis

Brana callopasa

Maxates versicauda microptera

Nepita conferta

Marbled White, Nyctemera coleta

Unknown from Sinharaja

Rice Roller

Polynesia sunandava

Handmaiden Moth, Syntomoides imaon
Dragonflies were also very common especially near the rice paddies but also in the rain forest and at all altitudes.
Black-tipped Flashwing

Crimson-tailed Marsh Hawk. Orthetrum pruinosum

Foggy-winged Twister, Tholymis tillarga

Green Skimmer, Orthetrum sabina

Pied Parasol, male & female
There were a lot of spiders about. Huntsman and Giant Wood Spider were the largest but definitely not the weirdest.
Jumping Spider, Hasarius adansani

Huntsman, Heteropoda venatoria

Gasteracantha geminata
Now for the rest...Crickets that could eat your arm off, beetles that can carry you off and a "torch" with a mind of its own.
Cricket sp.

Lantern Bug

Unidentified Longhorn Beetle

"The Mobile Torch" Glow-worm sp.

The same Glow-worm

Mallotus Shield Bug

Titan Beetle. The hole in the carapace was caused by the cat that caught it...then the cat got some of the same.