Long-tailed Skua!

Long-tailed Skua, adult, Titchwell, Norfolk
I had such a struggle to drag myself out of my pit this morning. Boy! am I glad I did.
I decided to go to Titchwell. I had heard that there were a lot of waders on the Fresh Marsh. I got there about 7am and headed for the hides. It was misty and cool but refreshing after  the stifling heat of recent days.
There were a large number of waders visible: Green, Wood and Common Sandpipers plus Little Ringed Plover, Whimbrel and Greenshank. There were several other species in their red / orange (and black) Summer plumage such as Spotted Redshank, Knot, Little Stint, Bar-tailed Godwit and Curlew Sandpiper. Several Spoonbills and juvenile Red-crested Pochards added to the variety.
By this time I had joined up with a friend and as we crossed over the sea wall to the Tidal Marsh we were amazed to see an adult Long-tailed Skua gliding toward us over Thornham Marsh. It was lost to view toward Brancaster after 5 minutes but 4 Arctic Skuas appeared over Thornham Marsh immediately after.
We headed to the beach. Lots of waders and gulls on the beach but only a single Eider visible on the sea. Amazingly the Long-tailed Skua was rediscovered sitting on the Tidal Marsh. It sat there for a few minutes before relocating to the beach, well above the high tide mark.
DH and I got a little closer before a Kestrel sent the Skua packing. It was seen to fly West toward Thornham Point before heading off toward Lincolnshire across The Wash.
Long-tailed Skua, Titchwell, Norfolk
Red-crested Pochard, juveniles, Titchwell
Skylark, juvenile, Titchwell
Knot, Titchwell