30/09/16 L.G.O.T. Blue - Red - Green - Yellow - Brown - Black

Bluethroat, juv, Laxo
Today started off wet and breezy but the rain soon eased off. As per normal, nearly every garden had at least one Yellow-browed Warbler and often more than that.
I headed to try for better views of the Hoopoe but it was skulking again. A Little Bunting was heard but not located. A Common Crow at Easter Quarff was a new addition to my Shetland List.
With nothing happening I decided to try for a couple of long-staying scarcities at Laxo avoiding Yellow-browed Warblers seemingly falling out of the sky.. At Windrush House the juvenile Bluethroat was using the rear wall as a launch pad for its feeding forays. Another Yellow-browed Warbler joined it for a short while. From Windrush House it was a 2 minute journey to the "Cabin Museum" where a Red-backed Shrike was putting on a distant show.

Bluethroat, juvenile, Laxo

Red-backed Shrike, juvenile, Laxo
 Another long stay target was the Greenish Warbler at Aith. The bird showed well for a second or two, at a time, but never allowed an approach for decent pics, Guess what? More Yellow-browed Warblers.  A shrike was seen distantly on wires but flew off quickly. I was not surprised to see the message saying "Red-backed Shrike at Aith". However, I almost had a fit when the message metamorphosed into Brown Shrike, Aith. That damned bird led us a merry dance across the Aith moors. Eventually it turned up back at its original position allowing some decent shots. Just not mine.
As an aside, I met with some birders who had been looking for my iduna and decided on Sykes. The pics were inconclusive but leaning more to Syke's Warbler.

Brown Shrike, Aith

Black Guillemot, Aith