The Blues & The Reds + Migrant Moths & Waders

Bluethroat, Winterton South Dunes
With Autumn upon us the opportunity to see migrants, both birds and moths, is increasing dramatically. A recent trip to Holme & Titchwell gave some great views of Turtle Dove and various waders including Whimbrel, Little Stint and Curlew Sandpiper. Spoonbill numbers were also very good. On the moth side, a trap at Holme Lavender Marsh produced no less than 16 Dark Sword-grass, 2 Bordered Straw and also Crescent Striped and Lyme Grass. The star moth that weekend goes to a Clifden Nonpareil at Titchwell.
Other, uncommon, migrant birds seen included great views of Icterine Warbler and a far worse, five second, view of Booted Warbler. Red-footed Falcon in Lincs. was also a fine addition for the year.
The weekend just gone also produced a fine mix of birds & moths. A distressingly crippled, juvenile male Red-backed Shrike was seen at Salthouse midweek. Its disability didn't stop it feeding though and it went through the local Bees at quite a pace. The weekend proper, started with a very nice, if distant, White-winged Tern at Rollesby Broad on Friday. The Norfolk Moth Group meeting at Great Yarmouth North Denes gave me a chance to see the stunning male Red-spotted Bluethroat and a Wryneck at Winterton South Dunes. The Bluethroat put on one hell of a show but the Wryneck liked a bit of privacy. I photographed a moth which landed between the Bluethroat and the steaming mass of photographers. Not the best photograph but the moth turned out to be a rare migrant, the Vestal.
The trap at North Denes ended at around 23:45 with only around 40 species but included the Red Data Book, Agate Knothorn, N. lineana. Other great moths included Dark Sword-grass, Small Mottled Willow, Coast Dart and Scarce Bordered Straw.
Juvenile Little Stint
Adult Little Stint, Titchwell
Juvenile Curlew Sandpiper
Juvenile Curlew Sandpiper, Titchwell
Whimbrel, Titchwell
Without warning, the plucky Ringed Plover suddenly found itself being sucked down into a wormhole!
Male Bearded Tit
Turtle Dove, Holme NWT
Dark Sword-grass, Agrotis ipsilon, Holme NWT

Scarce Bordered Straw, Helicoverpa armigera, North Denes

Rusty-dot Pearl, Anania feruginea, Titchwell

Vestal, Rhodometra scraria, Winterton South Dunes

Small Mottled Willow, Spodoptera exigua, North Denes

Webb's Wainscot. Globia spaganii, Snettisham
Juvenile male Red-backed Shrike. The bird was very badly crippled but had no problems finding food. Perching took a bit of work though.
 Male Bluethroat