Rare Orchid, Moths and new Marsh Warbler Video

Lizard Orchid
Just a few photographs and video of wildlife seen over the weekend and one amazing Orchid.
The Marsh Warbler performed exceptionally well, as did the Little Tern.
The Norfolk Moth Survey (NMS) also did a mass trapping session at East Wretham NWT reserve and came up with some real goodies including Breckland Plume, Beautiful Brocade, Cream-spot Tiger and a new micro for Norfolk in the form of Epiblema grandaevana.
I also had several very special moths along the North Norfolk coast in the form of Scarce Pug. Never seen the adult moth before.

Marsh Warbler, Narborough
Little Tern, Titchwell
Scarce Pug, Eupithecia extensaria, North Norfolk. Red Data Book

Cream-spot Tiger, Arctia villica ssp. britannica, East Wretham NWT

Bordered White (male), Bupalus piniaria,  East Wretham Heath NWT

Rhyacionia pinivorana, Spotted Shoot Moth, East Wretham Heath NWT

Lizard Orchid
At first glance, or even just a few feet away, this plant looks as though the flowers have passed their peak and it's going to seed. It's only when you get up close and personal that you can really appreciate the beauty of the Lizard Orchid.

Lizard Orchid, last years spike