Little Bunting, Snettisham
Today I wanted to look for the long staying Little Bunting at Snettisham. I had seen it on Thursday afternoon but only briefly in flight after I almost stood on it!
Despite the bird tolerating a fair bit of disturbance, it was clear that it was not going to be easy to pin down.
Little Bunting site & grid ref. 50 yards south of the concrete sea defences (just visible-top left)

Arrived at 06:30 and headed off to look for it. Lots of migrants singing in the bushes, Lesser Whitethroat, Common Whitethroat, Grasshopper Warbler and 3 male Ring Ouzels to name but a few. I met up with Penny, Trevor and a few friends then scanned the bushes. We had an early scare with a female Reed Bunting but then I noticed the target bird sitting in an Elder at the top of the sea wall. Almost immediately it flew into the Sea Buckthorn and lost to view. The group edged close to where it dropped in. The vegetation was smaller and sparser here, allowing the ground to be viewed quite well and sure enough there was the Little Bunting, creeping mouse-like, around the Sea Buckthorn. We were lucky enough to view it for several minutes. Given its deserved reputation as a Will-o-the-Wisp, the bird showed really well. It then flew into an elder and proceeded to give everyone the slip, giving only a two more, brief, flight views to a few lucky observers.
There was a fair bit of visual migration on show with flocks of Goldfinch and Yellow Wagtails. There were also Siskin, Whimbrel, Mediterranean Gulls and Skylarks on the move. 
A fine days bird watching. However, I was still miserable because I knew I would not be able to speed down to Somerset for the Hudsonian Godwit for at least a week.

Little Bunting, Snettisham 


  1. Hello jimmy,
    Remember a long long time ago when you lived in a town called Blyth and you had a so called friend called youngy, well this is me and I was hoping that you might be interested in getting in touch? I hope to hear from you

    1. Jimmy! No one has called me that for 35 years ! I remember a long haired Ginger Nut Scouser called Youngy. Email me. Address on blog.


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