Blyth's Pipit...Happy New Year!

Blyth's Pipit, Wakefield
Day 28 of its stay in Wakefield and I decided that I really should start the New Year off with a bang and grab a new species for me in the form of the Blyth's Pipit.
At "Oh Deary Me" o'clock I picked Malcolm up and headed gingerly to West Yorkshire on treacherous, icy, roads. We arrived at about 8:45, after a few impromptu stops, and set up to watch that well known birding Mecca...the field by the KFC. After standing around in sub-zero temperatures for about an hour a kind gent walked up and told us it was at the original site. Luckily it was only a few hundred yards away. The Blyth's Pipit showed itself quite quickly but kept to the long grass. Step forward local knowledge. A birder who works this patch regularly said "if you stand on the other side of the road it will feed on the verge, opposite". Bless his cotton socks, he made a lot of people happy today. Thanks whoever you are.
Blyth's Pipit, Wakefield, Jan. 4th 2015
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