A Desert, A Dip & A Dusky

Female Desert Wheatear, Gorleston
There are masses of Desert Wheatear pics about at present so I only have a couple before moving on to todays birds.
Desert Wheatear, female, Gorleston
A very early start today. Early enough that I drove from Kings Lynn to Bawdsey over 2 hours in the dark to catch some views of the Hume's Leaf Warbler. However, despite lots of searching it was not to be found. It was not all doom & gloom as there were at least 4, perhaps as many as 7 Firecrests feeding adjacent to the picnic site. I also had a rear end view of a Tawny Owl after I stumbled upon it.
Firecrests, Bawdsey
I then decided to make a bee line for the Dusky Warbler at Landguard. It looked dire on arrival with several birders looking in several directions. I set off on my own and heard the bird calling about a hundred metres from the other birders. I must have been too close because it then sat out on a Bramble and scolded me for a few seconds before heading to another clump of Brambles. Although shy and elusive at times, this plucky little Phyllosc did actually sit it the top of an Elder allowing for a few bad photographs. My first Dusky Warbler photographs.

 Dusky Warbler, Landguard, Felixstowe

Song Thrush, 1st winter, Titchwell