Crossbill Crazy

Parrot Crossbill, male, Edgefield, Norfolk 22 Feb 14

Parrot Crossbill, female, Edgefield, Norfolk 22 Feb 14
15 Parrot Crossbills were seen at Edgefield today, along with a similar number of Common Crossbills. Also on view were 2 or 3 Siskin, Woodlark, 2 Red Kites and up to 8 Common Buzzards. Finally got some decent pictures of the "Parrots".
After Edgefield I headed to Lynn Point to look for Rough-legged Buzzard. Not a sign. There were however, 6 Marsh Harriers, more Buzzards and 4 Pale-bellied Brents (hrota) amongst the hundreds of Dark-bellied Brent. There were also 3 Twite on the Saltmarsh by the boardwalk.
Common Crossbills, male & female, Edgefield, Norfolk
 Common Crossbill, male, Edgefield, Norfolk

Common Crossbill, sub-adult male, Edgefield, Norfolk
Buzzard on carrion, Lynn Point, Norfolk