Northumberland. Shrikes, Spoonbills and...Lobsters!?

I had 3 Red-backed Shrikes during my few days in Northumberland. It was nice to get a decent view. I tagged along with local birders Tim & Maurice and we soon had the bird in view. Another chap joined us. He turned out to be a fellow blogger,  PCWanderer  who has an excellent site. As the man said, "It's a small world".
Red-backed Shrike, female, Cambois, Northumberland.

Spoonbills, Budge fields, Druridge, Northumberland

Lobster (& Saffron), Hauxley, Northumberland.
My daughter, Saffron, and I went to scour the rock pools at Hauxley. We had all the usual rock pool stuff - crabs, small fish. Then we came across not one BUT TWO Lobsters at the low tide mark. Never seen a live Lobster in the wild. They looked huge! I swear I was on my knees begging Saffron to let me take at least one of them home (they looked delicious).  However, they are both free and (hopefully) still gracing Hauxleys rock pools.

Grey Wagtail, nr Riding Mill, Northumberland.

Fulmar, Cresswell, Northumberland

Fledgling Tree Sparrow, Hauxley NWT, Northumberland

Handbags! Coot facing off to a Grey Heron. Budge fields, Druridge, Northumberland.
Any guesses who won. Well it was the Coot. It chased the Heron for almost 200 yards!