G is for Goshawk!

Lunch time around Lynn & Sandringham again. Went to the Fisher Fleet for a few moments where 1 adult and 2 1st winter Yellow Legged Gulls squabbled with the Herring Gulls. The female Peregrine was perched atop the Porvair tower while the male scared the local pigeons witless just by it's mere presence overhead.
At Sandringham the local Tits and Nuthatches chased each other amongst the feeders. A flurry of strange calls made me look up to see Crossbills in the Pines above me. I counted 27 of which 11 were males. As I was packing up there was an exodus of birds in all directions, pigeons, Jays, Wrens... everything flew off at max speed. Looking up there seemed to be a large dark raptor just gliding past. At first I thought it was a Buzzard but it soon proved to be a female Goshawk. This thing was plain HUGE but it was gone toward the A149 too quickly to appreciate it fully. Great bird.