24th March 2010 - Alpine Swift Day !

With Alpine Swift appearing all over the UK it was inevitable that one would show up in Norfolk. Now it seems there were at least 3 yesterday with twitchable birds at Cromer and Hunstanton. Having failed to connect with the Hunstanton bird last night I was there again this morning. No swift while I was there but it turned up again while I travelled to Great Yarmouth. However I did see 12 Crossbills in bushes by Hunstanton Lighthouse along with a few Tree Sparrows. A Sand Martin flew past and Chiff Chaff were calling frequently.
So...having left the Hunstanton swift I went to work in Great Yarmouth; Lo & Behold! I park the car and an Alpine Swift flew around the carpark at Tesco and stayed for 2 minutes before flying toward Gorleston. I spent an hour in Tesco and when I came back at 11am the Swift reappeared over B&Q, again only staying a minute or 2 before flying toward Belton. End of story?? ... not likely.
The Alpine Swift reappeared at Hunstanton and stayed all afternoon. I got there at about 3:30 and there was this amazing bird shaped like a cigar with 2 sickles sticking out the side. It continued to show until it went to roost on the cliffs. Photographs and video galore.
Alpine Swift - Hunstanton

Chiff Chaff - Hunstanton

Kestrel - Hunstanton