Golden Delight

With my job taking all across Norfolk each day, I get a choice of where I want to have lunch. Today it was Sandringham.
I started with a slow drive along the West Newton Road where a pair of Bullfinches played Hide & Seek in the bushes. Just beyond the old Water Mill were a half dozen Lesser Redpolls in the Silver Birches and a mixed bag of Fieldfares and Redwings were by the barns.
I decided on a slow drive around Wolferton Triangle. 7 Common Crossbill were feeding in the conifers there. While watching them a male Golden Pheasant walked past a gap in the Rhododendrons...and posed. It stayed for about 5 minutes allowing several photographs which turned out well, despite shutter speeds of 1/5 sec. All 3 males showed themselves eventually.
Later at the feeders there were the usual mixed tits then a grey and orange blur. A male Sparrowhawk took a Great Tit straight off the bird table, dropped it in a bramble and dived right in after it, got it and flew away, all within 10 seconds.